spiral poem

circling round and round
spiralling in
more and more authentic,
my own enlightenment,
getting closer to the burning flame

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2 Responses to spiral poem

  1. >Why do you want to get closer to a burning flame? Or maybe you don't. Okay, I know it's a poem, not literal…

  2. peter says:

    >it's a snippett from a line from the last verse of a song–'out on a hike'–that i wrote several years ago, in which this naive suburbanite discovers that: we're just food for buzzards and worms, we're just sponges soaking up the rain, we're just moths circling round and round, getting closer to the burning flame. but i'm not so dark or nihilistic in this new poem. the burning flame is part of the passion of following one's bliss, of seeking authenticity, a purging in the crucible that separates the rare and fine from the dross to alchemically transmogrify the soul, to enlighten the self–nirvana–at the same time as serving others–boddhisatva. growth is not possible otherwise.

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