the gap

from june 2007 to june 2009, little blogging. here’s kinda what happened…

  • 2007
    • jul–courted vicki; sold my house
    • aug–wes and i moved to stc
    • sep-apr–brock: tesl cert, ta,  advanced ta, isw; 4th year ba; intro’d wes to ias; he found gaming friends
  • 2008
    • jan–moved in to mum’s apt;  wes moved back to mildred
    • apr-jul–lived with vicki; worked at labx; commuted with bill; rode our bikes to work and back along the tay shore trail [tst] about once a week
    • jul 29, about 5pm, near vic hbr on tst–cavernous malformation–spend the night at hdh (now gbgh); next day go to twh
    • aug–surgery to fix my left clavicle; marry vicki in twh; brain surgery
    • sep-mar–rehab at westpark
    • nov-dec–more brain surgery at twh
  • 2009
    • mar 5–peggy and dave kirkness take me to hds
    • spring break–visit from vicki and rowan, gramma and poppy; last time i see them
    • easter–spinal tap at twh
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