two poems–the journey & despair


the walk

the hill



the morning



the path

the paths

the choice

the others

the source

the beginning is the end and the end is the beginning

the centre is the edge and the edge is the centre

the door of fear

the path of love


are these the dying days?
are these the days we receive
the shards of our broken covenant?
are these the days of false prophets and false platitudes?
false counselors and false comforts?
are these the days when we do the wrong thing
and do it earnestly?
or the right thing doubtfully?
dear lord
i don’t mean to abandon you
show me the way to a greater heart
to love you
and all of your creation
may the fear in me
be the source of true wisdom
and guide me in the path of righteousness
for your name’s sake
and may others come to know
your peace and love
(of which i am a poor reflection)
and may all be healed
in perfect community with you

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