North West Tiny

after my wye marsh valley patrol of the william and king street access points, i headed out to the northwest tiny peninsula. although it’s been hot lately, the overcast morning was relatively cool. still, the humidity made the moist air very fragrant, especially whenever i rode through the leafy coolness next to the woods.

here are some notable moments:

  • the ride restored balance within me, as i enjoyed the solitude and transformed the memories of recent loneliness.
  • at one point, near macarthur drive, i got off my bike and chose to walk down to the shore. at the top of the path was a small hatchback. half way down the path i saw a woman lying on the beach, in a bikini with a book. i decided to leave her to her privacy and i headed back. i looked more closely at the car: it was the black chevy that is like the toyota echo. windows were open. had a bike rack on the back. on each corner of the rear bumper was a hot wheels sticker, and there was also a symbol of a road bike. the passenger seat had a coat and a water bottle on it.
  • alvin williamson road has the most beautiful stone house on it. there is also a pair of homemade “goose crossing” signs further down.
  • the woods and country are beautiful, but there are all these well-to-do homes, and they are building more. huronia is a gorgeous place to live, and as the world gets smaller and it is easier for people to live and work away from the big cities of toronto and even barrie, this area will continue to grow… barring economic and/or environmental collapse.
  • found my old coffee card at the daily perk. memories of scott and nicole…

i iced my knee when i got home… we’ll see how it is tomorrow.


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